Bridge, Lock and Dam

Anker Holth hydraulic cylinders are used in a variety of bridge and dam applications, providing trouble free operation.  Critical features such as reliability, integrity and longevity are analyzed to identify the components that optimally address the application requirements.

Hydraulic motion control systems for moveable bridges have to satisfy the highest safety demands. The hydraulic cylinders can be fitted to bascule bridges, rotating bridges or lift bridges, as well as ferry bridges and passenger terminals.

Hydraulic drive systems with hydraulic cylinders are mainly used for gate movement and positioning, for water level control as well as for flood protection in modern dams. All gate systems such as radial gate and sluice gate cylinders are custom engineered to suit  specific requirements.

Anker Holth cylinders follow the ASME, AWWA or DIN standards as well as regional standards that may be applicable.  Manifold blocks are flanged directly to the hydraulic cylinder for load holding, synchronization and safety.  When coupled with a hydraulic power unit and a control system, the cylinder package provides a complete motion control solution.

Anker Holth supplies a variety of cylinders that surpass stringent national and international standards of reliability and functionality.  Our services include engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.