Turn-Key Projects

Anker Holth offers complete turnkey motion control solutions to our clients. This focus combined with our extensive job history has given us an international reputation for excellence in Turn-Key projects.

We deliver end to end solutions, including planning and feasibility study services as well as complete engineering, procurement, commissioning, construction and project management. Our range of technical expertise includes turnkey EPC projects and services with outstanding technical due diligence.

Anker Holth’s range of project delivery options includes engineering and design from front end to detailed, adhering to client and industry standards such as ISO: 900, a best-in-class global procurement system, experienced project management, field engineering and commissioning personnel, comprehensive quality management systems, industry tested health safety and environmental management systems, project management and control teams.

Our reputation for large, custom installations means that we have completed turnkey projects with fluid control content in many fields. With a wealth of hydraulic, mechanical and control knowledge, our design team offers you a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective solution to meet your requirements.

We offer:

  • Full design of complete project including all hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and control systems.
  • Project management through all phases of contract
  • Safety assessment of design
  • Manufacture, installation and commissioning of final design solution
  • Projects supplied on time and within budget
  • Service and preventive maintenance schedule of final installation to ensure trouble free operation for many years.

Please contact Anker Holth Engineering at +1 (877) 361-9939