Mission Statement

The Anker Holth mission, built on experience and innovation, is to provide the highest quality custom-engineered products and services,  incorporating international best practices using our scope, strength and resources to achieve our goals and those of our clients. We believe in the core values of winning culture, passionate people, satisfied customers and engaged leadership.

We strive to be a symbol of quality in the motion-control and fluid power industries by meeting the needs of our global market, employees, communities and environment. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves within our focus areas and continue to sharpen our competitive edge by anticipating our customers’ needs. To this end we have developed a robust and sustainable business culture which emphasizes commitment to excellence,  integrity and personal accountability. Our employees, suppliers and sales partners are working together as a team committed to serving our customers and achieving the triple bottom line.

For over 100 years we  have built a values driven culture  which emphasizes  integrity, creativity and innovation. We intend to carry these values forward in our organization as well as strengthen our core business to respond to the changing needs of our clients and markets.