Steel Mill

Years of insight, know-how and persistence have given Anker Holth a position of leadership in the steel industry.  The name Anker Holth is synonymous with rugged, heavy duty, long lasting precision mill-type cylinders with high cycle life and superior performance.

Anker Holth is one of the oldest and most reputable suppliers of heavy-duty cylinders dating back to the late 1800’s, supplying steel mills on all five continents in the world. Cylinders for steel production involving high temperature, intense forces and extreme conditions; these are some of the most intense applications for cylinders. Anker Holth made its reputation on the ability to exceed the demands placed on the cylinders in these applications.

Anker Holth cylinders can perform under these extreme conditions and meet high reliability and safety requirements. Our seal and bearing materials are designed to these rugged requirements to provide many years of exceptional service.

High pressure cylinders have been used extensively in these heavy-duty applications.  Renowned for exceptionally long service life due to a winning combination of high pressure performance, superior design and attention to detail in all manufacturing processes.

Steel strip mills control the thickness of strip at high speeds made possible through the use of Cylinders for Automatic Gage Control (AGC).  These cylinders cycle at ultra high speed and perform over a very long cycle life. Anker Holth has been building Gauge Control cylinders for over 75 years. Our design and manufacturing experience are the keys to the longevity and reliability of our products.